Managing Across Cultures

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Some contributions made by

Dr. Zareen Karani Araoz

  • President, Managing Across Cultures
  • Global Leadership Coach
  • Cross-cultural Management Trainer
  • Consultant for Cross-border Collaborations & Global Teams
  • Country Specialist and Cultural Expert for Doing Business with India
  • Relocation Trainer for Country Managers & Executives relocating internationally
  • Conflict Resolution facilitator for cross-border ventures
  • Consultant for the people issues to companies “Going Global”
  • Intercultural Communication Trainer
  • Developed many innovative and management simulations and assessment instruments
  • Management Educator in the US and India (Directed a Management Institute under Pune University)
  • Invited speaker and Guest Faculty at Management Schools in India, Japan, Latin America, Sweden and the US
  • Previously, Founder and Full Professor as Director of the Department of Intercultural Relations and International Studies at Lesley University
  • Active Leader in Professional and other related organizations
  • Active Leader in several diverse non-profit organizations
  • Past President Rotary Club of Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Invited Keynote Speaker for a variety of organizations and corporate conferences
  • Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology
  • Law Degree (LL.B.)
  • Master's Degree in Comparative Education
  • Master's Degree in English and German Literature

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Special Highlights:

*Member of President Obama’s Executive Mission to India, as one of the 200 US company CEOs invited as a Business Delegate on his 2010 visit there

*Received the NRI Award from the NRI Institute, presented to the selected NRIs for their outstanding achievements in their chosen field of activities and their contribution to the socio-economic development of India and their country of their adoption

*Keynote Speaker on “Culture and Conflict” at the UN NGO General Assembly

*Leadership Coach & Group Facilitator, Advanced Management Program 188, in the Spring of 2015-16 in Executive Education at the Harvard Business School

*Conducted the pre-departure cultural orientation for an US Ambassador to India before he took office

*International President of the Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research: elected by members in 62 countries

*Founded and developed (with a team of faculty from various countries) the first and pioneering Master’s Program in Intercultural Relations at Lesley University, educating cross-cultural trainers, professionalizing the field and initiating a degree in Intercultural Training, International Education, Intercultural Management and other cross-cultural specialities.

*Director of a Management School under Pune University, in Pune, India, hiring the entire faculty, while upgrading the academic standards, making global connections and introducing creative and innovative methods of management education.

*Keynote Speaker (Sponsored by Sandoz) to research and present at the International Heart Transplant Surgeons Conference in Germany on how the effectiveness of handling the cultural aspects affect the health and life outcomes for heart transplant patients

*Keynote Speaker on cultural insights at the prestigious Petroleum Dealers Conference

*Conducted workshops on “Going Global” for Indian IT companies in 4 cities in India, sponsored by NASSCOM

*Addressed the UNESCO Peace Conference in Bali on aspects of Culture and Peace

*Culturally oriented and trained the entire cadre of a leading US corporation, that was acquired by a leading Indian IT conglomerate

*Received the Interculturalist of the Year Award by Youth For Understanding

*President of the Rotary Club of Cambridge, MA, USA

*Established the first cross-cultural management training, coaching and consulting company, Managing Across Cultures, in India in 1982, 40 years ago and in Boston in 1985