Managing Across Cultures

Key to Global Success


Managing Across Cultures completes 30 years of serving corporations globally to help ensure their people work effectively and productively together.

Our Approach is based on certain commitments that guide all our processes and client interactions:

  • To aim for excellence and motivate all our client contacts to do the same
  • To provide our total commitment to every client, and demonstrate respect for the value of each individual and his/her perspectives
  • To ensure that our interventions deliver what we commit to deliver. We have a result-orientation to foster the desired change in situations, behaviors or relationships in the work-place
  • To encourage belief in the ability and responsibility of people from all cultures to learn, reflect and adapt to new and evolving cultural encounters, relationships and situations, including the ability to questions their own cultural/managerial norms as they begin to work with people of different cultures
  • To enlist genuine involvement of top management in our interventions, and include them in identifying our goals, as well as encouraging and supporting widespread organizational commitment to the purpose of our work---to help people and teams be the best they can be, to promote genuine cultural understanding and effective communication that enormously enhances the outcomes of all their efforts
  • To base our work on thoroughly assessing and understanding each individual, leader or team we work with, the culture of the organization and its people, as well as the vision and business goals of the company
  • To help build respectful and positive relationships across cultures, by objectively seeking to understand and explain the value differences underlying the differing managerial behaviors, as well as help people discover the common human bonds that make working in cross-border collaborations fun, energizing and highly productive
  • To ensure follow-up and sustainability of any interventions we conduct
  • To bring the latest research, current international economic and corporate data and global experiences to bear on our work, and our professional assessment of the impact of culture on organizational interactions and challenges
  • To utilize a variety of intervention strategies and a wide range of training methodologies to appeal to people with differing learning styles
  • To utilize only the most experienced and leading Culture Specialists, who have lived and worked extensively in the cultures they represent and who have years of professional cross-cultural management and leadership coaching and training experience, and subscribe to the Managing Across Cultures values
  • To ensure that our services by Managing Across Cultures enhance the effectiveness and success of people, teams and collaborative efforts across cultures

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It is critical that these Values not be merely articulated, since almost every corporation has “Corporate Values” that are public, but they really need to be “bought into” by corporate employees. Managing Across Cultures can help you do this effectively. This can happen through a professional process of behavioral and value change, and not just by the leader or CEOs (or HR) talking to employees about them or publishing them. These changes are possible in genuine ways, and there are meaningful interventions to help this real buy-in.

Additionally, there need to be processes introduced to support the changes and assess them---e.g. by incorporating them into performance appraisals and in observable corporate behaviors.

Dr. Karani Araoz has over the years, introduced these and similar values into corporations and management schools.

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