Managing Across Cultures

Key to Global Success

Cultural Challenges in working with India

If you are currently doing business in/ with India

(Outsourcing, R&D Centers, In-sourcing, Acquisitions, Manufacturing units, Joint Ventures or other Collaborations)


  • Help ensure projects are delivered on time and deadlines reliably met?
  • Help you determine what indicates a genuine commitment in the Indian business culture?
  • Know right away when there are hurdles in the agreed-on schedule?
  • Lead and create a work culture in which your employees are more innovative, creative and proactive, and share their ideas with confidence on conference calls or in meetings?
  • Train your US managers to deal more effectively with their India counterparts and your India employees to respond better to US expectations, and be optimally effective in cross-border teams?
  • Help your US leaders understand what it takes to do business in India---and that the returns are VERY worth it (in personal satisfaction, long-lasting relationships and outstanding business outcomes, if you do it in culturally appropriate and respectful ways)?
  • Build genuinely trustful business relationships and ensure accurate, reliable communication between teams?

Managing Across Cultures helps coach leaders and train teams to address these and other critical business issues in India

If you would like help in addressing these and other issues, please write to

INDIA: the Land of Diversity

Modernity is Interspersed with the Traditional. “The creation of new values and the conservation of the old that have stood the test of time are both equally necessary.”
Jamal Khwaja


Indo-US Teams abound and are increasing. 34% employees at Microsoft are Indians. In NASA,36% or almost 4 out of 10 scientists are Indians.

There is much wisdom—even in the poorest. “Swami Vivekananda keenly felt that both the West and India needed each other for their mutual welfare & for the ultimate good of humanity” Politicians and Corporate Leaders in India and the US seem to feel the same today!

People in India work and toil through many challenges. Indians are the 13th most hardworking country in the world, better than Australia or Korea. The US is 9th.

There is color, grace and charm in the people of this fascinating country. “Even a sceptic can experience a miracle in spiritual India”
Tim Loft